Mirimichi Soil Amendments :

Mirimichi is a Native American word meaning, "Place of happy retreat." We believe that your lawn should be just that, your happy place. You should feel great about your lawn, and about the soil underneath it.

Unfortunately, nearly 100% of all newly constructed houses in the last 20 years and more have been built up on fill dirt (clay or sand) rather than on topsoil. This causes poor water drainage, heavy soil compaction, sterile growing conditions, and ultimately, inhibited grass growth and color. This is especially prevalent in the Grosse Point, Saint Clair Shores, New Baltimore, and Macomb TWP areas. If you are living in one of these areas, odds are, your turf is starving for the nutrients and water that only a Mirimichi Soil Amendment can provide.

Mirimichi is specifically designed to top-dress a yard and break down clay or sandy soils into high-grade topsoil. This process is proven to:

  • Reduce watering needs
  • Aerate soils and reduce compaction
  • Optimize the pH levels in your yard
  • Increase nutrient uptake of the grass
  • Provide a permanent home for necessary turf biology

This is perhaps the single most common need for turf stands throughout our service area in South-East Michigan. If your grass hasn't been performing as well as you have been wanting, don't wait until it's too late! Call today for pricing and availability in your area (586) 291-7080