Instant Green Grass - With Sod Installation in Roseville, Warren & Southfield, MI

You can have Beautiful, Premium KY Bluegrass in your lawn today!

Sick of fighting with your old tired lawn?

Get instant satisfaction and enjoyment!
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Sand River Landscaping has been giving the joy of sod installation in Roseville, Warren, Southfield, MI and the Greater Southeast Michigan area for 26 years. We amend your soil if needed, level and grade your lawn, and install Premium KY Bluegrass Sod - and it usually only takes 1-2 days!

Customers often choose Sod because:

  • It gives you a thick, green lawn instantly
  • It requires less irrigation than seeding
  • It has no weeds mixed in like seed
  • It instantly prevents soil erosion
  • It's walk on ready 68% faster than seed


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Avoid major drainage or erosion issues

Turn to Sand River Landscaping for yard grading services in the Roseville, Michigan area. If your yard has low spots or slopes downward toward your house, you should consider grading it. Yard grading levels out uneven areas to help eliminate drainage and standing water issues. It also enhances the overall appearance of your lawn and protects your foundation from water damage.Call our Roseville MI office to get started today! (586) 291-7080.